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The Curiously Creative Life of Scotty Morris.

The personal and professional portfolio of Scotty Morris, and his journey from the California to North Texas creativesphere.

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Scotty Morris is a designer, photography, and songwriter based in North Texas. His work exists to both provide and inspire creativity, integrity, and better communities through the arts.

Scotty has been providing services to start-ups, companies, and non-profits for fifteen years / / / Offering creative solutions in logo design, print, branding, packaging, environment and strategy, with a background in web design, music and videography.

Interested in collaboration, in need of a creative solution, or just want to talk shop…? Let's talk!

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Dave Elliott — Writer

"Having the chance to work with Mr. Morris was great. He not only did what I wanted, but he even took the time out to call just to get to know me. He saw my vision and took my book to the next level. He went above his call just to make sure that my vision came to life, and it did. I would highly recommended Mr. Morris to anyone."

Jeff Dickerson — Pearson & Dickerson Publishers

"Excellent each and every time! 100% recommended."

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Crystal Wishart — Owner of My Lucky Purse

"As a new business owner in need of a logo, finding Scotty Morris to help me was a stroke of luck. I had only an idea and a rough drawing, with just a few simple instructions he ran with it. He met my deadlines throughout the whole process and produced a finish product that was absolutely perfect. If you are looking for an honest graphic artist who does amazing work at a great price, then Morris is your man."

Dr. Tracey Coleman — Exodus Children's Foundation

"Scotty Morris is a man of integrity and ethical practices. The work for my foundation ECF allowed our global communications, network abilities, and community awareness possible from his volunteering heart. Scotty gave his time for three years, never requesting any monetary support because he believed in the vision of the organization."

"As we continue to help the orphaned and disenfranchised children of Liberia, Scotty has still offered support wherever needed. Once a board member, he will always be a valued member of the ECF family. God bless your endeavors and continue to follow your heart. Thanks for having a servants heart for Africa."

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